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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wed 4th March 2015 - Munsley Bog, Godshill.

Mark's Photographs.

Carrie's Photograph.

 Sue's Photographs.

Repairing the board-walk.

Building the dams.

Raking-up the cuttings

One of the cleared areas - looking good...!

A quick glance through the "back issues" of this blog will show that we have visited Munsley Bog many times in past years. The first visit recorded on the blog was back in October 2007 although we had visited the site previously. It is interesting to note that, at that time, I had written "It will need at least another two or three visits to cut back the whole area" - just how wrong could I be....! I estimate that we have returned once or twice a year ever since then and there is still plenty to be getting on with! Below is a photograph taken back then, notice how overgrown everywhere is compared with those above.

During this week's visit we tackled a multitude of tasks, bramble bashing, raking cuttings, repairing the board-walk and building dams to help retain the water. Although a little chilly at the start, it was almost a spring day with hardly a cloud in the sky. There were a few regular faces absent for this session (get well soon!) but it was still very well attended.

One thing that has puzzled me over all the years we have been working here is..... where does the name Munsley originate from? I have looked in books for the IoW place names and local dialect plus internet searches but all to no avail. Anyone out there got any ideas...?

For those wanting to know more about this site, click on the following link - Munsley Bog :: Gift to Nature

If you have ever wondered what all the cars and dogs are doing in the Scout Hut car park during our GG sessions here, Mark has sent me this link...

Many thanks to Sue, Carrie and Mark for the photographs.

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