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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wed 18th Feb 2015 - Mornington Woods, Cowes.

Mark's Photographs.

Carrie's Photographs.

Sue's Photographs.

The "gloopy" mud - in the pond.

Clearing the watercourses.

Zig-zag path.

Partially dredged pond area.

General undergrowth clearance and bonfire.

Although it has been some five years since we were last at this venue, the memory of those visits is still very vivid, perhaps because of the nature of the jobs we tackled. Cutting railway sleepers in half using a bow saw, dragging them up a hillside to construct a pathway and planting numerous tree whips on a steep, muddy slope tends to stick in your memory....! Obviously things were going to be much easier this time around?
It was great to see how all our previous work had matured, the Catkins being particularly noticeable . Once we had all assembled in the car park, one of the site trustees (who is also a GG member) gave us a briefing on the jobs needing attention. Team GG then split into various groups to cut back overgrown areas on the zig-zag path, general undergrowth clearance, get a bonfire underway, clear watercourses AND to start dredging the pond area. What had once been a rain water holding pond had been filled in by the Council (to stop fly tipping) but this had caused problems with flooding during rainstorms. Digging out gloopy mud is never going to be easy but loading it into wheelbarrows and transporting it elsewhere is REALLY back breaking! Thank goodness so many Team GG members had decided to attend this week as everyone was kept well employed, certainly another memorable visit....
Although it clouded over as the day wore on, it was pleasantly warm for so early in the year.

A comment from one of the GGmers attending the session - "What an amazing site, I never knew it was there and I lived in Cowes years ago!"

Photographs this week courtesy of Sue, Carrie and Mark, many thanks to all.

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