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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wed 27th Aug 2014 - Play Lane Millennium Green, Haylands.

Sue's Photographs.

Below are a couple of shots after we had finished
down by the pond.

Carrie's Photographs.

Since our last visit to the Millennium Green, back in June this year, the Trustees have been awarded a coveted "Community Green Flag Award" so congratulations to them! This time we were tasked to tackle the brambles and overgrown scrub areas from under the canopy of the trees. Maintaining a site so diverse as this one requires constant attention, especially towards the end of the growing season when everything is in need of weeding out and a good pruning.  With the workforce spread out across much of the wooded area, good progress was made at the job in hand with the cleared areas having the cuttings neatly piled-up alongside. Although the weather recently has been somewhat damp for August, it remained dry for our session and so encouraged a good turn-out go GGmers.

Photographs courtesy of Sue and Carrie.... Many thanks to both!

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