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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wed 20th Aug 2014 - Flowers Brook, Ventnor.

The Waterfall at the start...

and at the end...!

Our second visit to this site was VERY different to the first one, back in February this year, when it was so wet and windy! This time the sun was shining and there was just a light breeze, just perfect. After liaising with the local group who look after this little gem, we decided that the waterfall area was most in need of our attention this session. Although we could hear the sound of the water, very little could been seen due to overgrowth - so it was out with the bow saws, lopers, shears etc and start cutting away. Slowly the stones of the waterfall started to appear so it was a case of cutting back, climbing a bit higher then cutting in again. Have you ever noticed that it is much easier to climb UP a rock face than it is to get back DOWN? Wellington boots with ice studs on them would have been very handy for this particular task...! The members of the group who were a little less adventurous found plenty to do along the whole northern boundary as most of it was in need of a good trim. The piles of cuttings started to grow and grow, just a shame that we couldn't have a good old bonfire to get rid of it (apparently it is collected by the Council).
The only disaster was that the person bringing the cups along for our tea break had car problems, but someone managed to produce some polystyrene ones which saved the day. Many of us took our tea and walked down to the pond area, goodness me what an improvement from that bramble patch that we worked on originally.

Thanks to Carrie for the photographs this week.

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