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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wed 16th July 2014 - Watershoot Bay, St Catherine's, Niton.

Just some of the "spoils".

This week it was off to the seaside for Team GG..... expecting to do our 7th annual beach litter survey for the MCS. This is a "Pick and Tick" job where we pick up all the litter that we find along the shoreline, categorise it against a printed list and then tick it off. The idea being that the MCS then correlate all the findings and eventually publish a list of what is found where, which can help them to identify troublesome areas and the groups of people most responsible for marine littering. Our problem this year was that the beach had been picked clear of litter by another group about one week before! Not to be deterred by such minor obstacles, we set off along the beach, black plastic bags and litter pickers in hand, determined to track down anything that had been missed previously or that had washed up since. Although the number of bags was obviously down on previous years, a surprising amount was collected - including rope, nets, plastics etc plus a Calor gas bottle and life jacket..! As the session was very well attended, it was decided that some of the group should tackle the Ragwort growing along the cliff top. Litter picking or Ragwort pulling was tough going in the hot sun so well done to all those who made the effort to come along, especially with the work site being so far from the parking area. Climbing back up that steep hill from the lighthouse can be hard work on a hot day after a busy session.

Many thanks to Carrie for the photographs.

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