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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wed 13th July 2014 - Wetland Walk, Adgestone.

Mark's Photographs.

Walnut Tree.

Carrie's Photographs.



Sue's Photographs.



Les's Farewell.


If you have ever doubted the timescale shown on those TV garden makeover shows, then you should have attended our GG session today. The orchard / picnic area of the Wetland Walk was VERY overgrown, to the extent that there were only a couple of trails through the shoulder high grass and ferns. Armed with slashers, scythes, loppers and shears the whole team swung into action giving the complete area a "grade one haircut". Any flowering plants and shrubs were carefully cut around and it was soon returned to the meadow type landscape that it was supposed to be. Thank goodness that we had such an excellent turnout this week, perhaps encouraged by the fine weather or the prospect of gooey cake at tea break...! The reason for our special confectionary treat was that one of our long term members was attending his last GG session before moving across to North Island. "Lumberjack Les" had been with the group some seven years so it was with some sadness that the farewell speeches were made over cake and tea. Tree conservationists here on the Island will be breathing a sigh of relief having heard of his departure (only kidding Les!)
Several other tasks were undertaken including new posts fitted at the "kissing gate" entrance, teak oiling some of the wooden structures plus the usual litter pick and general tidy-up that we usually do. All in all an amazing amount of work was completed in the session, even Alan Titchmarch would have been proud to have got that much done in one show!

Many thanks to Sue, Carrie and Mark for the photographs this week..

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