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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wed 12th March 2014 - ‘Bee Fields’ Martin’s Wood, Newchurch.

Time to stop and have a cup of tea!

The above photograph shows one of the holes where the bees have been "mining".

It was back to the Bee Fields this week so we could continue the work we have done here during previous GG sessions. The walk from the car park to the work area was particularly nice due to all the daffodils being in full bloom. Our main tasks were to continue making the "scrapes" in the grassy areas thereby encouraging the ground burrowing bees to take up residence.  There are some 96 species of bee and wasp of which 23 are nationally rare and 3 are even completely new to the Island....! This site ranks amongst the most important bee conservation sites on the Island, alongside heavily protected nature reserves that have a national significance. The Isle of Wight is one of the most important places in the UK for its bees and wasps and so the Bee Fields are now of national interest. Other members of the GG team worked their way through the numerous planted trees, clearing away the rabbit guards that had split due to the trees outgrowing them. 

The weather was warm and sunny which encouraged a particularly large turnout of the GGmers.

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Many thanks to Mark for the photographs this week.

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