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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flowers Brook, Ventnor.....Continued.

When I published the blog for the work we did at Flowers Brook, I received the following message from one of our mainland readers......

With regard to the work you did at Flowers Brook on 5 Feb 2014. I was visiting the Island for Shanklin Youth Club 50th Reunion (8 Feb) and on Friday 7 Feb visited Flowers Brook for the first time. I was brought up on the Island, but never new of this places existance until I found a picture of my Mum on the stepping stones taken in 1938, and posted it in the IW Heritage Group, on Facebook, and people told me where it was taken. I had seen pictures taken fairly recently, but was a little saddened to see it overgrown,and neglected. So you can imagine my delight, last Friday, when I discovered this place and found you (as I now know) were responsible for the work. I'd just like to give you a very appreciative thank you. Please keep up the good work. I would like to add the pic of my Mum from 1938, together with a few I took last week,if of interest, but am unclear how to achieve this.

I then managed to contact him and he was kind enough to send on the photograph of his Mum, taken in 1938. Below was his attached message.....

Further to my comments, and following your much appreciated work at Flowers Brook, on Wednesday 5th.February, please find attached a picture of my Mum, taken on the stepping stones at Flowers Brook, in 1938, when she would have been 18years old. I'm sorry the picture quality is not the best, but I cannot find the negative, so had to rely on a scan from a very small print. Regardless, I hope it may be of interest, and, as mentioned in my comment on your page, I was really delighted to find Flowers Brook 'rejuvenated'...thank you again, it meant a lot to me.

So nice to know that our work is appreciated and that the blog is picked up by so many people!

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