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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wed 18th Dec 2013 - Shide Quarry, Newport.

Carrie's Photographs.

Mark's Photographs.

Over the 10 years that the IoW GG has been running, it has become traditional that our "Christmas Bash" be held in the chalk quarry at Shide. This year was no exception so it was all available hands to help transport the food, tables and equipment from the roadside down the numerous steps to the area where we set the bonfire. Being GG, we didn't just go along for the party, it was incorporated with the usual work session that involved the chopping back of the plentiful undergrowth that had sprung up over the year. Part of the workforce cut down a few more substantial timbers to enable them to build a tented area covering the tables and food. This year the weather remained dry throughout the session and was perhaps a little milder than usual. All the cut material was soon piled onto the bonfire which was used to heat the jacket potatoes (and warm a few hands!)

Many thanks to Mark and the committee who work so hard to make this, and the sessions throughout the year, so enjoyable for the rest of us. Also, a big thank you to Nick the ranger for his help with the party and at many other GG venues.

As I logged in to do this blog, I noticed that we have just broken the 40,000 (yes - forty THOUSAND) barrier on the number of blog site visits. People worldwide are looking at what we achieve here on the Island - so we are all "celebrities" now.

All that is left now is to wish you all a VERY.......

and we look forward to seeing everyone at GG in 2014....!

Many thanks to Carrie and Mark for the photographs - My, don't we look festive!

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