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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wed 13th Nov 2013 - Yarmouth green.

It was back to Yarmouth green on Wednesday morning this week, to tackle phase II of the hedge maintenance  project. It was just over a month ago that we started this job so everyone was aware what was needed to continue the task. With a huge skip in place, we were soon filling it with the brambles and hedge trimmings taken from this somewhat neglected hedge. As per usual with this type of session, for every person you have cutting back, two or three "clearers" are needed to drag everything away to the disposal area. A good job then that we had plenty of GGmers on hand, no doubt encouraged to attend by the lovely warm sun and light airs...!
Although there are still some areas that could do with further attention, both the northern and southern aspects the hedge are now looking much better for the work we have completed.
Many thanks to the tractor driver from the Harbour Commission who helped us load the skip.

Photographs will be posted when they arrive.

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