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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wed 10th July 2013 - The IoW Donkey Sanctuary ,Wroxall.

Banded Demoiselle

Golden Ringed Dragonfly.

Our GG session this week could have the headline...

Team GG goes out on the pull at the Donkey Sanctuary....! 

Yes, it was back to our favourite sport of PPP (Pesky Plant Pulling) along the banks of the stream that runs past the Donkey Sanctuary, then eventually feeds into the Eastern Yar. This time we were working further south, towards the source of the stream, trying to remove as much of the Himalayan Balsam as possible before it starts seeding. At this point the stream meanders through the meadow like fields and the HB seems to grow in large clumps - usually in between beds of nettles.....OUCH! The plants are much taller now so easier to identify but getting harder to pull from the ground without breaking them off. Some were already in flower so it will only be a short time before the seed pods form.

The session was well attended with wonderful sunny weather to keep spirits up. Everyone enjoyed watching the aerial antics of the Dragon and Damsel Flies that are everywhere along this section of the stream. Once again, many thanks to the Donkey Sanctuary staff for allowing us the use of the car park.

Photographs this week were supplied by Mark......many thanks...!

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