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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wed 12th June 2013 - The IW Donkey Sanctuary, Wroxall.

Mark's Photographs.

It was on a cool, damp, drizzly day that Team GG met up for their Wednesday morning session this week. Having parked up in one of the Donkey Sanctuary fields (thanks to the staff for allowing us this privilege) it was a short stroll down to the banks of the Wroxall Stream that runs past here. It wasn't difficult to spot the Himalayan Balsam plants that we were there to pull...... as they were just about everywhere along the banks of the stream and in the surrounding fields. This stream is a "feeder" for the Eastern Yar river (where we have pulled this invasive plant before) so by trying to eliminate this pesky plant here might just reduce the seeds carried down stream later in the year.

We were fortunate to have a excellent turnout, considering the weather, which divided into smaller working parties that were soon strung out along the stream pulling up and filling bags full of this unwelcome visitor.

Perhaps it was because we were disturbing the insects but the sky was full of swifts / swallows diving around us throughout the morning. Amazing to watch their aerial antics....!

Not perhaps one of the most interesting jobs that Team GG undertakes but a "well done" to all those who attended - let's hope that out hard work pays off.

Photographs this week were from Mark, many thanks..!

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