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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wed 20th March 2013 - Squirrel Dell, Ryde.

Carrie's Contribution.

A return visit to a site we visited some time ago - the Squirrel Dell at Ryde Recreation ground.  Our first task was to sort out a large pile of cut wood to divide it into those suitable for stakes, and those for heathers - aha I hear you cry, some practice for our hedgelayers? - well sort of.  What was required was to block off a couple of areas in the dell to prevent them being accessed by the public, some of whom seem to be damaging the flora and fauna.  So the stakes pile had lots of nice points put on them and were transported down a VERY muddy hill to the right boundary.  Once these were in place the heather pile was also transported down the same muddy hill, which was much more slippery as the morning went on.  Still we persevered and as you can see it looked much better when we had finished.

Mark's Contribution.

A further number of volunteers set about creating some scrapes in the ground where water can pool, this will encourage amphibians, birds and mammals to use this habitat even more than they do currently.  The St George's School's Sixth Form lads work extremely hard on this task, unfortunately there isn't a photo of them in action but believe me they did a great job!

Thanks to Carrie and Mark for the reports this week.

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