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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wed 12th Dec 2012 - Munsley Bog, Godshill.

This was the ninth consecutive year of The IW Green Gym working at Munsley Bog our first session there being held back in the October of 2004.  Each year we have gradually reduced the willow and managed the bracken by cutting it back, endeavouring to improve the bog mire habitat. If anyone has any photos of the early days please send them in but this blog entry in 2007 (use link below) shows the extent the site has changed since that time when the willow was encroaching so, while also having a bad effect on the water table.

The bracken now is hopefully gradually thinning in areas where we have enabled the water table to rise, slowly being replaced here and there by rush, moss and other flora.  

Many thanks to Mark for the photographs and editorial this week.

Don't forget your blanched vegetables, flasks of HOT water, mince pies, cakes etc for the next GG at Shide Quarry.....which is the Christmas Bash and the last GG of 2012....! Hats and fancy dress optional (but desirable!) The weather on Wednesday looks less than perfect - so check details on the GG web site.

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