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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wed 17th Oct 2012 - Corf Camp, Shalfleet.

Well here were are back again at Corfe Camp - unfortunately one of the main jobs - spreading some gravel on boggy areas - was abandoned, as instead of two very large bags of gravel, only one teeny tiny one was delivered - Ooops!  However us Green Gymmers never say die, and we soon got stuck into more tasks.  First a small team returned to the drainage ditch we dug out on our last visit to install a pipe to improve the water flow from said ditch, and a second team  were tasked with clearing lots of bramble and tree growth from around one of the buildings to improve access. Other clearance work was also taking place, and after the break the final job was to clear away undergrowth from yet another ditch and clear away all the dead leaves to allow the water to flow away from one of the camping fields which of course with the recent rain was very waterlogged.

Thanks to Carrie for the editorial and to Carrie & Tony for the photographs this week.

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