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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wed 19th Sept 2012 - Castle Copse, East Cowes.

Another new venue for Green Gym, this time down at East Cowes. In the midst of all the new building work is a green area - now to be named Castle Copse. Green Gym were tasked to "do a makeover" - so, with slashers, lopers, mattocks etc at the ready we set about making the whole area more assessable. One of the major tasks was to dig up as many of the Sycamore seedlings as possible - as these had sprung up everywhere. The whole area was treated to a good litter pick and unwanted shrubs, rotting trees etc were cut back or removed completely. This area will soon have multiple points of access and is expected to become a quiet, green, nature friendly area in what is becoming a very built up town.
The weather was bright and once again we had an excellent turnout.

 Welcome to all the new members who joined us for the first time.

Many thanks to Carrie for the photographs.

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