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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wed 1st Aug 2012 - The Riverside Centre, Newport.



Tidy Up


Team GG were very much on their "home turf" this week - our session was held at the Riverside Centre, corporate HQ for the IoW Green Gym..! Anyone who has visited this multi-purpose facility will remember that the whole building is surrounded by garden areas, many of which are allowed to grow "naturally". As with most things in the natural world, they need the occasional helping hand to redress the balance between nature and wild - so that was our task. All those who had managed to tear themselves away from watching the Olympics soon found themselves trimming, weeding, replanting, digging over etc, etc on the areas towards the riverside and in the courtyard to the rear. The trailer soon became overfull and three large storage bags were also topped off with the clippings and weeds removed. The customers using the restaurant facilities will now be able to see up the river once again..!
We had an excellent turnout and although the sky went very dark at times, it remained dry.

Many thanks to Carrie for taking the photographs.

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