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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wed 27th June 2012 - St Helens Duver.

Well it's that time of year again folks when the GG meet up with the National Trust guy at the Duver, collect our litter pickers and black bags and scour both the Duver and the beach for rubbish.  As always most of the stuff we collect is all kinds of plastic, portable barbeques, crisp and sweet packets, rope, string and of course the usual "poo in a bag".  There  were a couple of unusual items on this occasion, two large what looked like sections of scaffold pole one in the woods and one on the beach (see photo) which required several of us to carry them back to the car park, for the man from the National Trust to cut them into manageable pieces for dispoal; and secondly a large lobster pot with a huge length of thick rope and a metal shelf at the bottom, which also required two of us to drag down the beach. Our second task was to pull up copious amounts of ragwort, which is just starting to flower, and collect in bags for disposal.

Carrie's Nature Lesson.

This week's find was found by Steve and Tony, and has been identified as Fragrant Evening Primrose (Oenothera Odorata).  This winter annual or biennial is found on roadsides, railway tracks and waste places, especially on light-sandy or gravely soils.  It may also be a weed of meadows, paastures, vineyards, fruit crops and neglected fields, and probably spread to Britain from North America in 19th century.  It was well established on sandhills along the Somerset coast in 1905, having first been recorded there in 1837.  It is fragrant at night and attracts pollinating moths, while its flowers open as a yellow colour then fade to orange.

Many thanks to Carrie for the photographs and editorial.

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