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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wed 16th May 2012 - Dimbola Lodge, Freshwater.

This week saw us back at one of our regular haunts, Dimbola Lodge in Freshwater.  On a gloriously sunny day (big change from last week) a large group of us set to with forks, spades and shears sprucing up the gardens of the Lodge.  All the gardens and pathways were throughly weeded, the front and side hedges were trimmed - after first checking for nesting birds.  We did find a nest in the front hedge with a baby blackbird, but the area was coned so that there was no disturbance.  The side hedge was only accessible from a stepladder and all the cut material was loaded into bags and stored round the back for disposal.  Our last task was to dig over one of the beds, so that different types of vegetables can be planted.

Many thanks to Carrie for the editorial and photographs above.

Mark's Photographs.

One from our dawn chorus walk along The Causeway in Freshwater.  It was a beautiful morning, this shot shows the sun on its way up, it was taken at 5.40 a.m.
We were thrilled to have such nice weather over what has been such an unsettled period and were equally pleased with the variety of bird species recorded, which included Reed Warblers, Sedge Warblers and a Cetti's Warbler.

Many thanks to Mark for the above.

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