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Friday, April 13, 2012

Wed 11th April 2012 - Christ the King College, Newport.

This week our GG session saw us back at Christ the King College continuing with the work we started there a couple of weeks ago. The tasks this time included, transporting 10 cubic metres of soil, along with 8 cubic metres of wood chip, work on the pond and the finishing of the bird table!

Once we had all assembled in the car park, it was immediately apparent that we were in for some serious wheelbarrowing - the 18 huge bags were a good clue. The recycled compost was used to fill some ready prepared wooden raised planters and the wood chip used to make the whole area a bit more child friendly.

The half finished bird table was completed and I believe that Carrie had even brought bird food from home to test it out....!

The other major task was to get the pond liner installed into the pond that we dug out last during our last visit here. The heavy pond liner was manoeuvred carefully into position and just as they were finishing up, the rain started, thereby helping to fill it. Some of the existing fencing was reused to ensure the pond area was inaccessible to the children until the new fencing can be installed.

A well attended, busy session that was, for the most part, dry and sunny.

Many thanks to Carrie for the photographs (and the bird seed!)

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