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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wed 29th Feb 2012 - Golden Hill Fort, Freshwater.

Mark's Photographs.

Carrie's Photographs.

Team GG were determined to make the best of the "extra" day this year (leap year) so it was off Golden Hill Fort. Although a little overcast, the weather was unseasonably warm which encouraged a really good attendance. The first thing we noticed was that the hedge areas had been treated to an "extreme haircut" - the overgrown areas that had encroached onto the grass and walkways had been mechanically trimmed. This looks a bit drastic but we were assured that it will soon grow back and will encourage growth lower in the hedges. As per usual, Nick the Ranger had plenty of work planned for our visit. This time the task,s included, post hole digging (some two and a half feet deep), path laying (the dreaded stone chippings), collecting up and burning the hedge trimmings, collecting and putting into piles larger branches, new tree planting, hedge trimming, pond clearance....etc...etc...never a dull moment when you are working with GG...! The hedge trimming work will soon be coming to a close as it will be time for the birds to start nesting again. Well done to all those who turned up and achieved so much in just 3 hours.
Many thanks to Carrie & Mark for the photographs.

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