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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wed 21st March 2012 - Christ the King College, Newport.

"Pond" - before. Pond - after.

If you have been attending recent GG sessions then the purchase of an O/S map or a GPS would be a great asset, such is the number of new venues we have visited....! This week was no exception when we all arrived in Wellington Road, Newport looking for this new College. Fortunately, everyone seemed to find their way there and we had an excellent attendance to go with the wonderful weather (most were working in shirt sleeves!). The team were split into two main groups - one group tackling various jobs around the site - and the other concentrating on a "wildlife area" adjacent to some of the school buildings. This had previously had a pond (but subsequently filled in) and had become very overgrown and a little neglected. The ground was soon cleared of litter, hedges trimmed back, brambles and undergrowth cleared away so that the pond area could be examined. Careful digging exposed the old PVC liner and the original shape was eventually established. It was then a hard slog to dig out all the infill, using the excess to build up the area thereby levelling the surrounding soil. Some of the overhanging tree branches were trimmed back to reduce the shaded areas. To make the pond as wildlife and plant friendly as possible, various water levels are needed with shallows, gently sloping banks and a deep central area , all this was incorporated into the design. By the end of the session, the site looked well prepared for our return visit in a couple of weeks time. Congratulations to those members of the team who were involved in building the bird table, you passed your CDT (Craft, Design & Technology) course with grade A's...!

Many thanks to Carrie for the photographs.

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