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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wed 8th Feb 2012 - Ashknowle Cemetery, Whitwell.

Mark's Photographs.

Carrie's Photographs.

It is never a good sign when the car outside temperature ice alert keeps "beeping" at you as you are driving to a GG session. This week the air temp was around freezing and there was a stiff NE wind blowing - so a day to remember the extra warm clothing......

Never mind the weather, GG was off to a new venue and that is always exciting. We all assembled at the entrance to Ashknowle Cemetery and were briefed on the tasks. These included bramble clearance, digging out tree roots, hedge laying and a few "tidy up" jobs. We certainly had enough work to keep is warm over the next 3 hours! About one third of this cemetery has graves and the remaining area has been somewhat neglected over the years. Work had already been started to clear some of it by cutting down trees that had grown from suckers but the roots still remained. Lifting the roots and all the feeders from the frozen soil was challenging but a team armed with mattocks soon were digging in. Some of the boundary hedging needed attention so the GG members who have had hedge laying experience were tasked to use their skills. Others set about cutting back the huge areas of bramble and trimming back some of the bushes in the grave area.
With that cold wind blowing straight up the hill we were working on, tea break was particularly enjoyable - what better than a warm drink, a biscuit and a warm by the bonfire. It was noticed that tea break was shorter than normal with people wanting to get back to work and stay warm! As the session came to a close, wintery showers started to blow in so once again GG avoided to worst of the weather. The site looked a whole lot better after we had finished and hopefully the areas we cleared will benefit the wild flowers and animals come spring & summer. Well done to all those hard working GG members who turned up on such a cold day.

Many thanks to Carrie & Mark for the photographs this week.

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