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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 - Corf Camp, Shalfleet.

Terry's Photographs.

Carrie's Photographs.

Come Wednesday morning, team GG found themselves back out at Corf Camp. As the tasks were discussed, it seemed as though the main one was to be working at improving the surface of the camp access road. With barrows and shovels at the ready, the team eagerly awaited the arrival of a truck load of recycled road chippings. The truck soon arrived but could only deliver loads of either one and a half tonnes or EIGHTEEN tonnes...! The first load of one and a half tonnes took only minutes for the well practiced team (lots of past experience with path laying!) to have all in place. Further loads were unavailable for delivery that day so maybe the next time we go here the larger load would be more suited?
The good thing about GG is that Mark always has some "extra" work up his sleeve so the road repair team were soon deployed at various locations across the site. Some were removing hedging whilst others were rebuilding barriers and numerous other small tasks were tackled. Never a dull time on a Wednesday morning GG session...!
Although overcast and a cool wind, the weather held good for the session (rain later) and we had a good turnout.
This week is is thanks to Carrie and Terry for the photographs.

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