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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wed 1st Feb 2012 - Fort Victoria, Yarmouth.

With the air temperature at around 2C and a brisk NE wind dropping the windchill to around -4C, it took an awful lot of effort to climb out of the warm car for this week's GG session! Everyone was very keen to get started on the tasks so that they started getting warm again. The rangers have been overseeing the removal of some of the bigger trees that have become diseased and we were tasked to clear the fallen timber from a large clearing. This was collected up, sawn into manageable piles and as much as possible burnt up on a bonfire. Strangely enough, lots of people found work in the area of the roaring fire - I wonder why...? The second task was to plant up new sapling which were staked with timber cut locally. A cup of hot tea / coffee was especially welcome at tea break and people were soon back working to avoid the cold wind. The session was well attended so a big thank you to all those who turned out on what has to have been one of the coldest GG sessions to date.

Many thanks to Carrie for the photographs.

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