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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wed 4th May 2011 - Freshwater Community Centre.

Eddie's Photographs.

We returned to Freshwater Community Centre for the GG this week. The main tasks were to tidy up the planters out the front, cut back a rather overgrown area to the rear and to have a general tidy up. The plants we had put in previously all seem to be doing pretty well and looked all the better for weeding and forking over the soil. Two of the team found a novel way to take the rubbish bags around to the composting site....see above pictures. Like everywhere on the Island at the moment, they could all do with a good downpour as it has been so dry for so long...! If the forecasted rain does arrive later in the week then the soil will be ready to receive it. We had a good attendance (in spite of the parking issues..!) and a lot of work was achieved before we left.
Well done to one and all.

Many thanks to Eddie for the photographs.

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