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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wed 25th May 2011 - Northwood House, Cowes.

A new venue for the GG team this week, Northwood House at Cowes. As it was a new site, we were shown around the jobs by our mentor for the day and were soon hard at work at various places across the extensive grounds. Bushes along the main road were lightly clipped back (still nesting birds around) as were the hedges along some of the walkways. Parts of a dead tree were removed and a long flower / shrub area to the south of the site was given a make-over (see the pictures above). After the tea break we attacked a large pile of previously cut tree branches - these were snipped back and transported to the compost heap area. All in all a busy few hours but very enjoyable working in such a splendid location.

Mark & Alison's Nature Lesson.

This week we were lucky to see at Northwood Park a really very beautiful flowering Tulip tree Liriodendron tulipifera. This non-native tree only flowers after growing for at least 25 years. Introduced to the UK by the Tradescants - gardners to Charles I. Native Americans used to use it for canoe building as up to 20 people could be carried in a single hollowed out truck, this was due to the length (up to 50ft) of a trunk before it branches. Hurry along to Northwood to catch it at its best!

Many thanks to Eddie & Mark for the photographs this week and to Mark & Alison for the Nature Lesson.

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