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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wed 20th April 2011 - Dimbola Lodge, Freshwater.

This week saw about 40 of us at Dimbola Lodge in Freshwater on what proved to be a very hot day. Last time we worked here we gave a very severe haircut to the hedge in front of the tea rooms, which did look rather thin when we had finished. What a different we made - it is now thick and bushy, perfect for nesting birds and they have had lots of comments from visitors to the Lodge saying how wonderful it is to now be able to see the beautiful view - so gold stars all round for us then! The gardens in and around the Lodge needed a really good clear out, so there was lots of hedge trimming (checking for nesting birds first of course), weeding, clearing out bramble, general pruning of the large shrubs, sweeping up all the debris and putting it into large bags for later disposal. It certainly looked much better when we had finished.

Many thanks to Carrie for the editorial and photographs this week.

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