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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wed 2nd Feb 2011 - One Horse Field, Totland.

Team GG were back at an old favourite this week......One Horse Field in Totland. As someone pointed out, we have been here many times but nobody has ever seen this elusive "One Horse"!
This was a particularly well attended session and once again the weather was kind to us. The main task this week was to rake up all the cuttings that had generated by prior mechanical trimming. We split into teams, some raking the cuttings into piles and others using Maxi bags to carry it away to composting piles. Other GG members tackled some trees that needed heavy pruning and others were cutting back the new shooting shrubs. The whole area looked much improved at the end of visit and hopefully the wild flowers & plants will have a fighting chance to grow this year.

Many thanks to Carrie for this week's photographs.

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