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Monday, June 21, 2010

Wed 9th June 2010 - St Helens Duver

As usual we had an excellent turnout and David, the National Trust Warden told us the areas that were the target of today's 'beach clean' and the task began equipped with litter pickers and black sacks.

By Break time the main Duver area had been covered and sacks of rubbish piled up although there was not as much as we would have expected.

After the break the main party concentrated on the National Trust beach and had a very pleasant stroll along the beach picking up rubbish as they went.

Most had been completed by 12.30 and a very appreciative David loaded his truck with the spoils and took it round to the agreed place for the pick-up by Island Waste later.

A small party then retired to the Baywatch Café for well deserved sustenance!

Many thanks to Colin (and June?) for the text and photographs this week.

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