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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wed 31st March 2010 - St George's School, Newport.

Lots of tasks for the Green Gym this week, on our visit to St Georges School in Newport. Some fruit trees needed pruning, compost had to be mixed to plant some olives in pots, and there were also a selection of trees to be planted – rowan, birch and cherry. Lots of plants had to be set out in the areas created by the school, and Trish from Ventnor Botanic Gardens came along to supervise the planting to make sure they all went in the right place. The final task was to bolt together some wood to create raised beds, and it was wheelbarrows full of soil to be transported, and we managed to fill one with soil. The beds have to be accessible for wheelchair users, and the idea is that various classes take responsibility for the separate beds, and grow whatever they want.

A big thanks to Carrie for the editorial and photographs.

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