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Friday, March 19, 2010

Wed 17th March 2010 - Medina Valley Centre, Newport.

Not a new venue for us this week, but one we have not visited for some time, Medina Valley Centre in Newport. They have several tasks for us, the first being to rake over a previously dug area near the front entrance, and scattering it with grass seed. Alongside the footpath round the back the area had been cleared of bramble, but as it is an area of unimproved grassland they actually wanted the bramble roots dug out, so they do not take over this area again. Task three involved some hole digging (a fairly regular task for the Green Gym) - one of their large conifers at the front of the building had suffered badly in the extreme winter weather, and had to be felled. However, all the tree has been recycled by making it into logs for their wood burners, using some to make woodchips to spread on pathways, and making some pieces into supports for information boards, which was the bit that required the hole digging. Our final task was to clear bramble from a hedge near one of their footpaths, then level off the pathway in preparation for the laying of a membrane.

Carrie’s Nature Lesson

Our find this week was Common Snowflake (Leucojum Aestivum). It is also called the Loddon Lilly and Summer Snowflake which is rather ironic, as this beautiful delicate flower actually blooms in early spring, generally around late February or early March. Snowflakes are members of the amaryllis family, and are native to central and southern Europe. They have narrow, strap-like dark green leaves, a light fragrance, and small bell-shaped white flowers, with green or occasionally yellow spots at the end of each tepal. Although they do grow in the wild, some plants manage to make their escape from our gardens into the wider countryside.

Once again Carrie was behind the camera and notepad - many thanks to her.

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