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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wed 11th Nov 2009 - Millenium Green, Ryde.

We have visited Millenium Green in Ryde on several occasions, and our hard work is starting to bear fruit. The butterfly meadow where we have done a lot of clearance work is beginning to colonise with wild flowers, and this week we cleared the re-generating growth and made considerable headway into more bramble at the back of the meadow. We also did clearance work on some invasive weeds, and also built steps on what was a very muddy slope to improve the access.

Carrie’s Nature Lesson - this is the time of year for fungi, and the woods here are no exception. The first image is Laccaria Laccata, a common woodland fungus not easy to identify, hence its popular name “the Deceiver”. It has a convex cap flattened or depressed, and often wavy at the margin. It is found from Summer to early Winter, in woods and on heaths and moorland. The second image is Clouded Agaric (Clitocybe Nebularis), which can be found in the leaf litter of both coniferous and deciduous woodland. The fruiting bodies can be found in rings, because they are produced on the outer growing edge or the circular underground mycelium.

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