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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wed 24th Sept 2008 - West Wight Nursery

This week we were back at West Wight Nursery for a second session and found that the site had progressed a long way since we were there last time. The allotments were up and running and much landscaping had been completed.
The task was planting and staking 40 assorted saplings of Scots Pine, Hazel and Beech. We had a good turnout again this week and the task was well under way by break time. Thanks to the Nursery for providing the tea and coffee.
After the break Trish produced three ornamental trees and a couple of shrubs for planting round the pathway area plus 6 apple trees to start their orchard. We completed all the planting except for 4 of the apple trees. These could not be planted as a mini JCB and dumper truck were hard at work in the area moving an enormous pile of wood chippings.
Trish was delighted with the progress achieved and thanked us for all our hard work – Well done everyone!
This week the photographers were Hilary & Eddie, many thanks to them and Colin for the editorial.

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