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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wed 30th July 2008 - Alverstone Nature Reserve

Picture the scene - an English meadow on a hot summer's day, a hay wagon pulled by a team of heavy horses, numerous land workers making hay sheaves and then loading them on the wagon.... Well - that almost describes what Green Gym was all about this week...! The meadow, sun, hay and workers were all there but the wagon and horses were replaced by a modern hay bailing machine driven by an 8hp Honda engine. The field had been cut, so we were collecting the hay into piles, feeding them into the bailer which turns them out in nicely bound "drums". These can then be rolled down the field and stacked all ready for collection. The wonderful weather (and school holidays) meant that we had an excellent turnout of around 25 GGymers, all eager to show their expertise with a rake and pitchfork.
Carrie was our photographer this many thanks to her. The photograph of the red squirrel was taken in the hide and was included because "it is so cute".....(quote from Carrie..!)

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