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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wed 09th July 2008 - St Helens Duver.

This week the Green Gym were at St Helens Duver with our black bags and litter pickers. This is the first time we have worked with the National Trust on an initiative funded by the Council for the Protection of Rural England. Our personal sunny weather angel was obviously on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, as we had constant rain all morning. Despite this the intrepid Green Gymmers still turned up, with about twenty of us including our helpers from St Georges. The litter was a real mix of items such as plastic bottles, glass, metal, small pieces of plastic (such as bottle tops), fishing line, choc bar wrappers, socks (yes socks!!), and the ever present bags of dog poo thrown into the bushes (you can put in as many dog bins as you like, but you can never make people use them!!). Needless to say by the time we were packing up the rain had stopped - its ragwort pulling again next week so let’s hope at least it stays dry.
Many thanks to Carrie for the pictures and the editorial this week. Bob the Blog was waterlogged before even getting to the GG - and that was just walking the dog...! I think that the determined souls that turned up deserve a BIG WELL DONE.
NEWSFLASH...... Have a look at the County Press - Friday 11th July 2008 - page 12. There is a nice group shot of the GGymers pulling ragwort on the downs with a description of the work that we were doing.

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