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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wed 7th May 2008 - Cowes County Primary School.

This was our second visit to this school - the first being over a year ago. The main task was to "clear & tidy" the nature area that is adjacent to the school and the footpath - with additional work being carried out on various beds at the front of the school. The pathways around the nature area were cleared of weeds, bramble, rubbish etc and the beds were weeded out - leaving as many of the natural plants as possible. This should make the whole area far more accessible and user friendly for the children at the school to use. We had an excellent turnout and the weather was warm and sunny - is summer here at long last..? Many thanks to the school staff who were kind enough to let us use the staff room for our tea break - they even made the drinks and supplied the biscuits....!
A big thanks to Carrie & Eddie for the pics.

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