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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BBC TV & Happy 10th Birthday Green Gym

The One Show was true to it's word and the piece about the Green Gym was shown this evening (11th March 2008). If you missed it, then I have it recorded on dvd and you can watch it on the BBC i Player site. Try the following link to get you to the nearest page

Once you have clicked on the arrow to start the video, then go to the slider at the bottom and move it along to around the 17 minute point. This saves you watching the rest of the programme.

Don't blame me if it doesn't work........!

Although it was only a few minutes long, everyone seemed to be working very hard and the idea of the Green Gym was certainly shown in a good light. Well done to all those who attended on the day. Buddy has asked me to add that, now he is a tv star, he will be available for paw prints at the next GG (tomorrow)!

As mentioned on the programme, today is the 10th birthday of the Green Gym so - Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday to you....etc etc etc....! Carol & Mark are in London today at the birthday bash, let's hope that they bring us all back a piece of birthday cake.

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