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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wed 20th Feb 2008 - Mill Copse Yarmouth & BBC Film Crew! What is this to do with the Green Gym you might ask...???? Well, this week our GG session was filmed by a BBC film crew for the One at long last...!!!

Our task was working with the rangers out at Mill Copse, Yarmouth whilst being filmed to show what the GG is all about. The programme will be screened as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations that will be coming up in March. A record (?) number of people attended - Mark estimated it as around 42 - all helping to clear a large area of woodland. It was a cold start due to the heavy frost so a "warm up" was the order of the day (see pictures) along with a famous "ranger's bonfire"! The Green Gymers set to work with the camera man / sound engineer / presenter popping up everywhere to record the action. Several members were singled out for one to one interviews so we might have rising stars amongst our numbers (the Oscars are out next week - better leave that night free Carrie..!)

As can been seen from the pictures, we were presented with a stunning cake. Mark made short work of cutting it up with the help of a bow saw.... I am sure it was a new blade....wasn't it Mark? The proceedings all appeared to go off very well and the rangers were even impressed with the area we managed to get cleared. So a huge WELL DONE is in order for all those who attended.
The actual night the piece will be shown isn't known at the moment although the 13th March was mentioned. Best thing to do is to keep an eye on the One Show in case they screen it earlier. If I get any further details then I will publish them on this blog.
The credits for the photographs goes to June and Carrie......many thanks to you both.

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