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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wed 16th Jan 2008 - Maurick Farm Pan.

And yet another new work site for the Green Gym brigade... This one is sandwiched between the edge of Pan Estate and Pan stream - just to the north of Price's Garage. As can be seen from the above "before and after" shots (nice one Carrie!) - the job involved hacking back the overgrown area and clearing the huge amount of debris that had accumulated there over many years. We managed to totally fill the ranger's twin axle trailer with the rubbish we found and that didn't include all the brambles and weeds...! Why do people think that the countryside is a good place to dump all their unwanted goods..???????? This site is part of the Pan initative being done by local volunteers - we hope that this is a good start in that area and wish them well with the rest of the work they have planned. The session was well attended and the weather was excellent - considering the amount of rain we had before and since.

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